Find Life Coach | Meet Linde Hoff: How to Eat Your Way to Better Health?


Linde Hoff is one of the coaches we found and we did a little interview with her. She impressed us with her approach to health, especially the connection between healthy diet and mental health. Here is what she said.

Meet Life Coach Linde Hoff:


Name: Linde Hoff
Pillar: The Body
Who is this coach for: Anyone who wants to improve their overall health, lifestyle and wellbeing.
How they can help: By listening, using empathy and applying unique guidance customized to the individual, working as a team to improve the health, habits and lifestyle.

First of all, how are you and your family doing in these Pandemic times?

We are doing as well as can be expected.

We have adapted and have moved more of our work to our homes, and are grateful we were able to do so! It was an adjustment, but we are making it work.

How does the coronavirus pandemic affect your clients? Did it affect you at all?

The coronavirus pandemic affected my clients in various ways, but it mostly brought anxiety and fear about not knowing what the future would hold for them and their families.

Many weren’t sure about their financial futures or if their job would continue. Others were concerned about older family members.

Clients suffered increases in stress, for sure.

As for myself, it certainly did affect me, given I have elderly parents. I was concerned about them getting ill, although they were very cautious.

What are the biggest lessons that you learned in this pandemic?

The biggest lessons I’ve learned are:

1. Be kind, because you have no idea what someone else might be going through.

2. Think before you act or type, because I saw and read so many unbelievable and inappropriate things online that people probably wish they could take back.

3. Breathe. When in doubt about something, take a big breath, count to ten, and then decide whether whatever you were thinking is still a good idea.. like that second helping of food, buying that shirt you don’t need, etc.

The Origin:

Tell us about you, your career, how you started with your coaching career?

After carrying out the duties of Clinic Director and Case Manager and Wellness Coach for an out patient psychiatric and addictions clinic, it became evident how important the coaching role was for individuals to stay on track for their treatment program with their physician and to improve their lifestyle overall.

It was then I became increasingly motivated to take further steps in my career to offer more to people who struggled in a wider variety of issues.

What was your biggest obstacle that you had to overcome in your life that made you who you are today?

When I was a sophomore in college, I contracted rheumatoid arthritis and was very ill for several months.

I had difficulty getting around physically and had to take a lot of medications to get it under control.

At a time when a young girl should be enjoying herself, I wasn’t, and, instead, I was on an extremely restricted diet and unable to do the things my classmates were doing.

It taught me the importance of health and one’s lifestyle and diet.

Fast forward to today, and through proper exercise and a good diet, I have been able to control the disease without medications. In fact, it’s in total remission.

This experience has made me believe one can overcome a diagnosis, within reason, if one tries hard enough.

The Coaching Style:

How do you innovate with coaching your clients?

Through motivational interviewing and active listening, I approach each client uniquely and innovate with them on a personal level.

We are all separate individuals and respond differently to different stimuli, no two people are alike. Therefore, a cookie cutter approach won’t work.

We work together as a team, with the client in charge.

I am there to assist in guiding along the journey.

What’s unique about your coaching approach?

My coaching approach is tailored to the unique individual, it’s not about me!

What benefits do your clients get after working with you?

After working with me for a contracted amount of time, I send my clients a signed copy of my cookbook, free of charge. It’s titled “Eating Your Way to Better Mental Health”.

Do you use any specific tools to be efficient with your clients?

Empathy and my ears for listening.

The Impact:

If you had a super megaphone that, when you speak into, the whole world will hear your message, what would you say?

We only have this one life and this one body, so be kind to yourself and the beautiful vessel you inhabit. It’s amazing and will treat you well if you allow it.

What is the greatest lesson you have learned in your life?

It’s really not about you.

We think people are staring at us and criticizing us, when, in reality, they haven’t even noticed us, because they’re too busy worrying about themselves. Relax!

Your final thoughts?

In this time of high tech and automated everything and hustle and bustle, we have sky rocketing suicides, terrible rates of depression and anxiety, and a society of people stressed for a variety of reasons.

We need to connect more, not in a technical manner, but in a human way.

Through coaching, I find such gratification in doing this.

It might sound simple, but sometimes, less is truly more.

Where Can You Find Linde Hoff?

If you resonated with what Linde said, you can find all about her coaching on her website at, so don’t shy away from checking her out.

Also, if you are interested in her book “Eating Your Way to Better Mental Health” you can check it out here. You’ll find all the recipes that she gives her clients inside the book. It was an honor having this interview with her.

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