Find Life Coach | Meet Pina Sabatino: How to Maximize Performance and Increase Productivity?


We believe that being a life coach is really similar to being a superhero.

Each life coach is unique, like a superhero. They all dedicate their whole life helping people. Each with their own personal origin story and a special “superpower” they use to help others.

Most often, their superpower is first their greatest obstacle, and once they go through their own personal metamorphosis, they develop a skills to help others do the same. They uncover a truth that was within them all along. They transmute their flaws into their greatest strength.

Whatever it is, it’s a transformational process extremely similar like that of a Superhero.

And just like with the Avengers, we went on a mission to find all the unique life coaches with huge potential from all around the world and bring them together as the Earth’s Mightiest Supercoaches.

Pina Sabatino is one of the coaches we found and we did a little interview with her. She impressed us with her experience and refreshingly direct approach of helping people perform better in business and life in general. Here is what she said.

Meet Life Coach Pina Sabatino:


Name: Pina Sabatino
Pillar: The Mind
Who is this coach for: Business leaders and professionals who want to increase their confidence, productivity, gain clarity and maximize their true abilities.
How they can help: By using various techniques like HOGAN assessment and DISC.

First of all, how are you and your family doing in these Pandemic times?

I’m doing great. The new coronavirus in Italy is losing its potency and has become much less lethal. We’re going back to “real life”

How does the coronavirus pandemic affect your clients? Did it affect you at all?

The pandemic situation did not have a big impact on my activity because as I work internationally, I’ve been coaching remotely for the past five years so it was not a big change for me.

I got the chance to work a lot and to get my PCC (ICF), such a huge satisfaction for me!

What are the biggest lessons that you learned in this pandemic?

It’s all about mindset.. depending o how you look at reality you may find opportunities even in tough times.

Life is filled with uncertainty and worries about the future. While many things remain outside your control, your mindset is key to coping with difficult circumstances and confidently facing the unknown.

The Origin:

Tell us about you, your career, how you started with your coaching career?

I’m an experienced HR Manager having worked extensively in this sector for more than fifteen years implementing people management best practices and building successful HR departments from the ground up in Italy and Europe.

I was a key senior leader in the organization managing a team of 8 people and I was responsible for improving the performance of the company’s 1100 employees.

In 2010 I lost my job and I decided to turned this experience into a flourishing freelance career. I started as a trainer and soon after I got trained to become a professional coach.

In 2010 I earned my Master Corporate Coaching Certification and I decided to set my own business.

I transitioned to coaching because I wanted to help other people to change or reinvent their lives, to expand possibility, and above all to create an ongoing, life long virtuous cycle of growth and development.

What was your biggest obstacle that you had to overcome in your life that made you who you are today?

In 2009 a terrible earthquake stroke the town of L’Aquila where my corporate was based, I lost my job and had to rebuild my life from the scratch..

I decided to work with a Coach.. that was really transformative for me. It changed my life.

The Coaching Style:

How do you innovate with coaching your clients?

There’s just one way to innovate: never stop learning!

Thats’ what I’ve been doing so far.

What’s unique about your coaching approach?

My practice is grounded on an interdisciplinary approach.

I rely upon theories from the fields of psychology, organizational development, adult development, leadership and philosophy.

The specific theories I use from these fields all emphasize capacity building and strengths, rather than deficits and weaknesses.

More broadly I think the things that set me apart as a coach are:

1. Coaching experience with all levels of organizations.

2. Extensive leadership experience in global corporations.

3. Intuition, keen observation that quickly gets to the heart of things but with understanding and empathy.

4. Published author and speaker who can motivate and inspire audiences and clients alike.

5. Great sense of humor that helps lighten the load.

What benefits do your clients get after working with you?

My experience is built upon a strong foundation of understanding how relationships work, how mindset is critical to success and how our behavior can help or hinder us.

I help my clients to pair their business acumen and experiences with an increased understanding of interpersonal dynamics and successful interactions.

People working with me increase their confidence and professional presence, their ability to balance demands, their productivity, and maximize their true abilities.

My clients tell me that I have a knack for reenergizing them as well as helping them clarify what they really want and how to go about getting it.

Do you use any specific tools to be efficient with your clients?

I work mainly with people who want to change or advance their career so I find very useful tools like:

1. HOGAN assessment (to help individuals understand their own behavior traits, motivators and potential derailers better).

2. DISC (a self assessment that measures how an individual prefers to interact with others. It creates a common language and a self awareness to better understand ourselves and others).

3. TIP (The InternationalProfile, assess individuals intercultural skills and gives them the ability to develop those skills in order to adapt better in a foreign cultural environment).

4. Life by design approach and Personal Business Model when I work with transitioning manager.

The Impact:

If you had a super megaphone that, when you speak into, the whole world will hear your message, what would you say?

Life is a wonderful adventure make the most of it.

What is the greatest lesson you have learned in your life?

Learning to cope with uncertainty which doesn’t mean not having a plan but simply let go and accept the uncertainty as part of life.

Your final thoughts?

Nothing to add.

Where Can You Find Pina Sabatino?

If this interview resonated with you and you want to learn more about Pina’s coaching you can visit her website at

Or if you want to connect directly with her you ca find her LinkedIn profile here. Feel free to shoot her a message. It was an honor having this interview with her.

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