How To Spot A Female Psychopath And 5 Ways They Can Make Your Life Miserable


Psychopathy is considered a personality disorder hence, it is seen as mental illness. And as any illness there are symptoms that can give us a hint.

However, symptoms differ when it comes to males and females. Just like a heart attack symptoms can differ in men and women, symptoms of psychopathy also differ.

When we speak about psychopaths we often think of male characters. And yeah, there are more male psychopaths than female. However, female psychopaths are real.

Movies rarely depict female psychopaths and we have no idea what kind of behavior to associate with this personality disorder when it comes to women.

But according to psychologists female psychopaths differ from male psychopaths in the following way: Male psychopaths throw punches, female psychopaths throw shade.

This means that female psychopaths are harder to detect because their psychopathic tendencies show in a much subtler way. Here is what to watch out for.

5 Ways A Female Psychopath Can Make Your Life Miserable:how-to-spot-a-female-psychopath

1. Female psychopaths will gaslight you to insanity and self doubt.

They have narcissistic tendencies. However, their narcissism differs from male narcissism. While men will brag and scream out their narcissism, females will do this internally, they will think they are better than you. This kind of personality will use gaslighting techniques to tweak the reality in their favor. They won’t care how this affects you, they will make you crazy if that’s what makes them appear better in certain scenarios.

2. Female psychopaths will spread gossip about you to your friends.

They can act as your best friend in front of you. However, they will gossip about your flaws and weaknesses behind your back. And not just to anyone. Their satisfaction is to gossip these things to people close to you, somewhere where the effect of the gossip will affect you strongly. They will create false image about you to your close people and make them doubt who you really are.

3. Female psychopaths will manipulate you through guilt.

They will try to manipulate you in as many ways as their psychopathic subconscious mind can generate. However, the most effective is the manipulation technique that uses guilt. They will make you appear guilty for doing something, let’s say going somewhere you wanted to go, and they will use this to inflict guilt. They will say that you are the narcissist who wants everything to be according to you. Once you feel guilty they will manipulate.

4. Female psychopaths will show aggression and act as nothing happened.

Everything can go smoothly between both of you and suddenly the female psychopath will snap for no reason. The moment you feel closest, be that as friends, partners or coworkers, she will become aggressive. Until you try to understand what is happening she will go back to normal and act as if her outburst didn’t happen. If you try to talk to her about it she will say you are making a big deal out of it, or she will try to gaslight you in some other way.

5. Female psychopaths will threaten you with self harm.

If you just know a female psychopath, if she is just a friend, this is unlikely to happen. However, if you are a couple with someone who is a female psychopath this will be the biggest poison drip that she will do to you. She will push you to insanity and whenever you try to bail and leave the relationship she will threaten to harm herself. She will trap you in this prison and use self harm to make sure you don’t leave her.