5 Unavoidable Things That Will Happen After You Leave A Toxic Relationship


Breaking free from a toxic relationship is real freedom. It’s like getting away from the deadly claws of an unforgiving predator.

However, your freedom can’t take away the damage your abusive boyfriend might have caused you.

Yet, no matter how high the walls you have set around yourself are, a good guy still manages to win your heart over.

Unlike the unharmed woman who is completely swept off her feet when her lover appears, you feel the experience as very strange.

Here are the unavoidable feelings and experiences you may go through once you meet the good guy who will love you completely after you break up from a toxic relationship.

5 Unavoidable Things That Will Happen After You Leave A Toxic Relationship:Unavoidable Things After Toxic Relationship

1. You are constantly suspicious.

Despite being grateful for having the opportunity to meet someone who loves you deeply, fear is still holding you. You always tell yourself what if he’s not what he appears to be.

When you’re with him, you’re constantly on the lookout thinking his positive facade will break at any moment revealing what he truly is. Or, that he may break up with you sooner.

All you need is to believe once again that a good partner would never leave you.

2. You often wonder why he’s still with you.

You’re glad that you two are still together, but then you cannot help yourself but wonder why. You over-analyze every conversation you have or every action he makes.

When he happens to look at a woman, you suspect something must be going on in his mind, though you know it meant nothing. You are in constant wait as to when he’ll take a misstep.

But that would never happen because his intentions are genuine and he has no plans of tricking you.

3. You will test his limits even though he is really good.

Because he is very much aware of your past and your mixed emotions about him, he will do everything just to prove to you his sincerity.

He will do everything under his power to give you the good relationship you never had.

When you’re alone or around with people, he is still the same person that he is. And he takes pride in you.

4. You are learning from the relationship.

As you come to discover what a true love is, you slowly learn from the relationship. You begin to distinguish a bad relationship from the good one.

As bright as day, you start to realize the extravagant display your ex used to make and you’re no longer fooled by it.

Your greatest learning is by being able to differentiate the genuine lover from the fake one.

5. You will come to realize that you still deserve to be happy.

You will feel how lucky you are for having ended a toxic relationship.

For the very first time, you are genuinely happy and thankful for ditching your ex. If not, you wouldn’t have meet your guy.

You will then see the light why your ex didn’t get better the way you had hoped him to be, though you know deep within yourself that he wouldn’t. And you’re finally thankful he didn’t.

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