Would YOU Support a Nuclear Strike?! – Guess how RUSSIA and USA Answered.. SHOCKING!


What would you answer if someone approached you on the street and asked you if you would support a Nuclear strike on another country?

A US prankster and journalist asked people both in San Diego CA, USA and Moscow, Russia to sign a fake petition to nuke the other country so they will keep their superiority.

What people answered is surprising and shocking at the same time.

It’s a fact that we cannot generalize countries based on the answers of couple people. And the purpose of this article is to raise awareness no matter what country you are from, that there are good and conscious people out there.

Fighting each other is never a solution. Take a look, we have quite an experience of fighting and this fighting still haven’t solved anything.

Nuking each other, killing innocent civilians who are just like every other human being, who care about their families and work to earn a piece of bread and a piece of happiness, to see their kids grow up, find a loved one, marry, see the smile of their grand children’s faces… that’s not a solution to anything.

In the end, what truly changes something, no matter how small this change appears to be, is when humans approach hate with love. That’s when we heal, both, as individuals and as humanity.


<Violence is not the solution>